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Periods are part of the menstrual cycle in which blood is released from the uterus. 

Each menstrual cycle lasts about 24 to 38 days with the typical period lasting less than 8 days. Although, shorter or longer cycles are common the first few years after your first period and again later in life as your body starts the transition to menopause (perimenopause).


Period Concerns

Period Problems

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Sometimes periods can cause concerns that interfere with your daily life or that may be signs of health concerns. Some period concerns include:

  • You have not started having your period by age 15
  • You have not had a period for 3 months in a row and are not pregnant
  • You have a period that lasts longer than 8 days
  • You have heavy bleeding during your period:
      • Bleeding through one or more pads or tampons every 1-2 hours
      • Passing blood clots larger than quarter size
      • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, weak, or tired, or have chest pain or trouble breathing during or after your period
  • You have migraines or headaches during your period
  • You have spotting or bleeding in between periods
  • You have bleeding more than one time after sex, or you have bleeding after menopause

The WCHD Healthcare Provider Team Is Here For You

At the Winnebago County Health Department Clinic, we can help with your period concerns by:

  • Listening to your needs and concerns regarding your period and how it impacts your life
  • Providing options for how to manage your period
  • Screening for any health concerns that may be impacting your period
  • Assisting with any referrals or additional needs that may be identified

 Your regular healthcare provider may also be able to assist you.

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If You Have Period Concerns

Call 815-720-4000 and make an appointment at the WCHD clinic.

When you talk to your healthcare team, help them understand:

  • How your periods are affecting your daily life
  • What your concerns are and the length and flow of your periods related to those concerns