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Are you writing a grant that needs WCHD support or participation?

WCHD welcomes the opportunity to support grants that address our 3 health priorities , current health concerns , or the foundations to improving public health with a focus on becoming a trauma informed community or addressing health equity (including social determinates of health).

To request grant support or participation, please email contactus@publichealth.wincoil.gov with the following information:

  • Purpose of the grant
  • How the grant links to WCHD heath priorities, current health concerns, or foundations for improving public health
  • A copy of the “Notice of Funding Opportunity”
  • Decision deadline
  • Agencies or individuals involved in this proposal


Make a difference in Winnebago County by joining a workgroup. WCHD has a variety of workgroups that offer opportunities to improve health by addressing issues including trauma, maternal and child health, and opioids.

Click here to learn more about workgroups and consider joining the efforts!