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Trauma's Impact on Public Health

Trauma is an event or experience, such as family violence or homelessness, that has a negative impact on an individual. Trauma can negatively impact healthy development, relationships, and contribute to mental health issues including substance abuse.

Trauma impacts all three WCHD Health Priorities:

  • Violence Prevention
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Mental and Behavioral Health

Becoming a Trauma Informed Community

The long-term effect on a person with trauma can be reduced through an informed and supportive community. The Winnebago County Health Department is leading a collaborative effort toward becoming a trauma informed community. This collaboration of partners, known as the Winnebago County Trauma Informed Community, recognizes the collective impact of adverse experiences and fosters resiliency and well-being in its residents. Workgroups have been formed to train and educate the community, hold community events and discussions, address policies and practices, and reduce re-traumatization.

trauma informed community - PicArt of adult and child holding up leaves


Several workgroups have been formed to address trauma. Click here to view descriptions, meeting schedule, and links to reports.

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Becoming a Trauma Informed Organization

Develop policies and procedures that incorporate trauma informed practices. Train on trauma 101. Build resilience within our community.


Learn about Trauma and help build resiliency in your community.