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Workgroup Description
Collective Impact Works with organizations, institutions, and individuals through the five conditions of collective impact to support becoming a trauma informed community.
Film Festival Provides an opportunity for small group community engagement and discussion following the viewing of film format media addressing trauma informed principles.
Handle with Care Aims to ensure that children who are exposed to trauma receive interventions to support resilience so they can succeed in the school environment to their highest capacity.
Judicial Practices Review and adapt policies and practices for implementation in the 17th Judicial Court System that recognize the impact of trauma on court participants and improve judicial outcomes.
Funding Team Work to identify potential resources including financial, in-kind, and human capital to support implementation of the trauma informed principles and work to incorporate trauma informed principles into funding sources available in the community.
Public Awareness Plan, coordinate, and disseminate public awareness campaigns about the importance of Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency.
Training Educate community members, agencies, and businesses on the definition, prevalence, assessment, and treatment of trauma and how to become a trauma informed business, school, or governmental office.
Healthcare Provider Work with healthcare providers and healthcare systems to integrate trauma informed care principles into primary healthcare through education and policy to promote optimal health outcomes in their client/patient populations.
Employment Practices Work with the business community to provide information on the impact of trauma in the work environment and establishing the business case for become a trauma informed employer.
Historical Transgenerational Trauma Review the impact of historical trauma on the racial, ethnic, and minority communities of Winnebago County, inform and ensure that principles that promote resiliency and interrupt the cycle of historical transgenerational trauma are incorporated in the action planning, advocate for policies that reduce system-induced trauma and re-traumatization.