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The Center for Personal Health Services provides confidential healthcare services for individuals regarding family planning, tuberculosis care, refugee health screenings, immunizations, women’s health screenings, treatment and prevention services for sexually transmitted infections, case management and support for expecting families or babies with special needs. Services may have income requirements to ensure access to care.


The Center for Personal Health Services programs include:

1. Clinic

  • Family Planning including pregnancy testing, contraceptives, and screening for
  • STI/STD, and education.
    STI/STD screening and treatment.
  • Refugee health including screenings and immunizations/vaccinations.
  • Tuberculosis care including diagnostic work-up, medications, and care management.
  • PrEP (preventive HIV treatment) including screening and medication.
Personal Health Services (PHS)/Public Health Nursing - doctors and nurse looking at x-ray

2. Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP)

  • Helps uninsured and underinsured women 35-64 years of age get life-saving screenings and referrals for breast and cervical cancer.
Personal Health Services (PHS)/Public Health Nursing - woman with pink breast cancer ribbon on chest


  • Helps women live a heart healthy lifestyle through one-on-one (1:1) coaching on healthy eating, active lifestyle and smoking cessation.
  • Provides heart disease screening including blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol checks.
Personal Health Services (PHS)/Public Health Nursing - woman eating healthy food


  • BBO is a free and confidential program that provides mothers with personalized support during each stage of pregnancy
  • Home visits and monthly engagements provide prenatal education to eligible pregnant women emphasizing. The importance of regular prenatal medical visits is encouraged to ensure pregnancy a healthy pregnancy and better birth outcomes
  • Women are enrolled in program through pregnancy up to six weeks postpartum
Personal Health Services (PHS)/Public Health Nursing - smiling pregnant woman on her phone

5. Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting System (APORS)

  • Provides free home-visiting support for families new babies with identified risk factors. Public Health nurses provide education, developmental screening, and referrals.
Personal Health Services (PHS)/Public Health Nursing - doctor evaluating newborn



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